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Procedure & Requirements

General Admission Procedure
New Academic Year Starting August 2022

1. Registration

Fill the online registration form, or visit your desired campus to register your child for admission in the new academic year which is starting in August 2022.



Age (as of August 2022)



Pre – Nursery

2 years 6 months

– 3 years 5 months


3 years 6 months

– 4 years 5 months


4 years 6 months

– 5 years 5 months

Class I

5 years 6 months

– 6 years 5 months

Class II

6 years 6 months

– 7 years 5 months


Class III

7 years 6 months – 8 years 5 months

Class IV

8 years 6 months – 9 years 5 months

Class V

9 years 6 months – 10 years 5months


Class VI

10 years 6 months – 11 years 5 months

Class VII

11 years 6 months – 12 years 5 months

Class VIII

12 years 6 months – 13 years 5 months

Class IX

13 years 6 months – 14 years 5 months

Upon registration, you will be informed about the test and interview date and will be sent your child’s Admission Test Admit Card by e-mail and SMS within 5 working days.

2. Admission Test

To the test, parents must bring:

• A print out or PDF version of the Admission Test Admit Card
• Father’s NIC Copy
• Mother’s NIC Copy
• 4 Passport Size Photographs of the child
• 2 Copies of the Birth Certificate / B Form
• TC (if applicable)
• Student’s previous 2 years’ progress reports (if applicable)
• Rs. 1000 Registration Fee (if registered online)

At the time of the test, parents will be required to complete and submit an admission form.

For more details regarding the admission test topics :

Individual admission assessment covering reading, vocabulary and concepts of colours, numbers and shapes. Additionally, the child’s confidence, conversation and motor skills are also taken into consideration

English, Urdu, Mathematics, Quran (oral)

English, Urdu, Mathematics, G. Science

Please note that admission to these grades are only offered under special circumstances and the test requirements will be shared by the campus at that time. Additional subjects may be tested depending on group/subject selection

3. Interview

Parents of successful candidates will be contacted for an interviewand will also receive the interview information by e-mail and SMS. A list of candidates who have successfully passed the test will also be posted on the school website and campus notice boards.

Please note that the presence of both parents along with the child is necessary at the interview.

4. Congratulations!

On successful completion of the interview, a medical form and admission voucher will be issued to the parent.

A copy of the paid admission voucher must be submitted to the campus within 3 days to confirm admission.

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