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Why Choose HHS

HHS focuses not only on academics but on the holistic development of the students. The school offers a wide array of co-curricular activities in which all students are encouraged to participate.

Competitions are first held in classes, and the winners of each class then participate in inter-class, inter-campus and then inter-school competitions.

Co-curricular Activities & Events

Annual Sports Day & Concert

All Pre Primary and Primary Section students participate in the Annual Sports Day and the Annual Concert.

Science Exhibition

Every other year students display their creative science projects in a Science Exhibition. Ingenuity, originality and research are the basis of selection for the final display. The students are expected to explain the working of their project and to answer all questions asked by the judges.


A field trip is an educational outing. Parents’ written permission is mandatory for the students to participate. Staff members accompany children on these trips but responsibility cannot be taken for accidents beyond our control.


There are ample opportunities for sports.The school holds Cricket, Throw ball, Basketball, Football and Athletics Tournaments that provide healthy competitions among the students of the different campuses. Our finalists often qualify and participate in national competitions.


Scrabble enthusiasts meet at regular intervals and are coached for inter-class and inter-school competitions.


Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art comprising punching and kicking techniques. Club members are trained on special techniques like spin & jump kicks, head-high kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

Public Speaking

Weekly Assembly Presentations by each class enables our children to become confident speakers. Debates and Elocution are a regular feature at the school.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Portfolios are provided in which students enthusiastically express their creative ideas.


A very successful reading programme of HHS, CLOVER, is a mandatory 20 minute reading period before the day begins with any academic work, in parents’ own words, has, “Improved vocabulary, fluency in speaking and writing, created reading as a habit and continues to enhance the desire to read.”

Art Competitions

Artistic talent is appreciated and rewarded by the school. Students have ample opportunities for participation in national and international competitions.

School Health and Medical Services

The school has a full-time, qualified physician on the staff and a clinic where the children can be treated in emergencies. Ongoing Health AwarenessProgrammes cater effectively to the well-being of students. Also, the school physician conducts regular medical check-ups during the academic year and the medical reports are shared with parents.

HHS Clubs Happy Home School is committed to providing its students with a holistic education, focusing on developing students’ skills outside the classroom as well as within. Keeping this objective in view, the following clubs have been developed to allow students to pursue co-curricular activities during school hours:

Robotics Club

Here the students learn to code, beginning with basic commands,which build up to complex coding concepts.

German Language

Instructors from Goethe conduct German Language Classes.

Theatre & Acting Club

Instructors from NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts) train the students in the Theatre & Acting Club at HHS OLG, Gulshan, O Level and Society Campuses.

Lawn Tennis Club

Lawn Tennis is being conducted by a Professional Tennis Player at ASA, Gulshan and Society Campuses.

Environment/ Gardening

Trained horticulturists conduct the Environment/ Gardening classes at HHS senior campuses i.e. OLG, Gulshan, Society and OLS.


Professional Chefs are actively engaged in teaching delicious recipes and culinary skills to our HHS Club Students.

Cricket Club

PCB Coaches train the HHS Cricket Team, which participates in different interschool competitions.

Values of HHS To inculcate moral values in our student’s various values have been selected on a monthly basis to be practiced upon. Throughout the month, we try to ensure that moral values are taught implicitly through every aspect of the curriculum.

Teaching and learning about these values takes places in the following steps:

1. Teachers explain the meaning of the value and model through their own behaviour.

2. Pupils relate and reflect on their own behaviour to guide their own actions.

3. The value is reinforced by using the power of expression in different activities, especially in pupil-led assemblies.

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