Event List for the Month of April, 2015

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April 30, 2015
Date/Day Campus Event Class
1st April 2015 SocietyGulshan Starting New Session Nur – X
TLC Starting New Session Prep – I
2nd April 2015 TLC Starting New Session Nursery
3rd April 2015 ASA Students Day X
4th April 2015 ASA PTM Pre N – XI
4th to 5th April 2015 O- Level Sr WWF Carnival at Expo Centre
6th April 2015 Soc. Secondary Foot ball and Cricket Activity by Nestle Milo VI – VII
TLC Starting New Session Pre- Nur
6th to 11th April 2015 ASA AKU- EB Practical Examination IX & X
7th April 2015 O-Level Jr Field TripAladdin Theater Show at NAPA III & IV
7th or 9th April 2015 ASA Visit to Biscuit Factory V & VI
7th to 17th April 2015 Gulshan Board Exams IX – X
8th April 2015 O-Level Sr Field Trip -Play at NAPA V & VI
8th to 15th April 2015 ASA Re Mocks for CIE X & XI
9th April 2015 O-Level Sr Field Trip- Arena, Karsaz VIII & IX
10th April 2015 ASA Taekwondo Test V & VI
11th April 2015 IMC Parent Teacher Meeting Prep – II
O-Level Jr & Sr 2nd Parents Meeting
The Clover School Project day Pre-N – Nur
13th April 2015 O-Level Annual Exams Revision will be started
Soc. Secondary Awareness session on Earth Day by students of SZABIST University VIII
13th to 29th April 2015 O-Level Jr Oral/ Written / Practical exam
Mid of April 2015 ASA Field Trip ‘Kids Dunya’ I – IV
18th April 2015 ASA Farewell X(AKU) & XI (Cambridge)
20th April 2015 Gulshan Classes will be resumed Nur – X
20th to 24th April 2015 The Clover School Earth Day week Pre-N – Nur
22nd April 2015 IMC Earth Day Celebration Nur – II
24th April 2015 IMC Celebrating Desert day Pre-N – II
25th April 2015 Soc. Secondary & Primary Orientation Meeting2015
3rd & 4th Week April 2015 Soc. Secondary Inter-class Cricket Matches VII – X
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Ayesha Yameen wins the Best Athlete Trophy at the Young Women’s Olympiad
July 7, 2021
Updated School Reopening Plan and Dates
July 7, 2021
School Reopening Update for Pre-Nursery to Class VIII
July 7, 2021
Creative Writing by HHS Students
July 7, 2021
July 7, 2021
Manal Saqib wins at Anti-Tobacco Poster Competition
July 7, 2021
HHS – Celebrating the Past, Building the Future
July 7, 2021
Chavez Mansoor wins at ‘Why Learn German?’ Competition
July 7, 2021
HHS Staff Vaccinated
July 7, 2021
HHS received Certificate of Appreciation from International Association of School Librarianship
July 7, 2021
Muhammad Hussain Nadir to represent Pakistan in the AAU-IRSO World Rope Skipping Championship 2021
July 7, 2021
Successful Admission Test Results 20th February 2021