HHS Goes Digital!

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May 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

At HHS by leveraging technology and adopting a flexible approach, we introduced a number of facilities to allow students and parents to stay connected with school through the vacations, and to set up a distance learning framework for times to come:

HHS Parent Portal (www.hhsmis.com)

Already in the development process before the closure of schools, the HHS Parent Portal was rapidly activated for all parents of HHS Pre-Nursery till O Level/Matric. The Portal allows parents to access School Announcements, Vacation Homework, and Fee Vouchers, without having to leave their homes. In the coming term, the Parent Portal will display school circulars, daily diaries, attendance, and student reports.

HHS Online (www.hhsonline.pk)

HHS Online is the HHS Learning Management System which was introduced in these vacations. Using HHS Online, student accessed their very first HHS online course: ‘Understanding COVID-19’. This course aimed not only to provide valuable information about this disease, but get students used to the online environment by introducing them to various online features, resources and activities.

Google Classroom

HHS set up a learning environment using Google Classroom, to share assignments and hold live review sessions with Matric and O Level students throughout the vacation, so as to help them keep in touch with their studies and prepare for their external exams. Teachers use this platform to upload assignments, provide feedback, and solve any queries that students had.

Virtual Scrabble Tournaments

During these vacations, HHS held its first batch of HHS Virtual Scrabble Tournaments! It was to ensure that Scrabble, which is an integral part of the HHS curriculum, was not left behind during the school closures. Over 50 participants took part in each tournament, logging in from their computers or phones at home. Mr. Waseem Khatri, Pakistan Scrabble Champion, and HHS Scrabble Coach took the initiative to organise these tournaments, supervising at all times.

STEAM Classes

This academic year, HHS had introduced a STEAM Pilot Programme for students of Class VI, wherein their IT classes were enriched with a STEAM syllabus to allow them to experience coding, programming and robotics, among other disciplines. Despite school closure, students were still able to attempt their STEAM work using the E-Learning Portal – and for those students with limited internet access, assignments were made available in document form.

In addition, HHS partnered with EDVON Robotics to provide a Free of Cost Online Coding/ Game Development Camp, with participants from more than 20 countries.

Online Co-Curriculars

HHS used this opportunity, not just to take academics online, but to also ensure that students remained in touch with their co-curricular interests. Our Co-Curricular club patrons provided classes online, hosted live classes for Cooking, Music, German Language, Music and Art among others, as well as sharing recordings with students.

Online Ramadan Qur’an Classes

A major programme initiated during these vacation was the Online Ramadan Qur’an Classes. The HHS Qur’an and Islamiat Department, along with the Quality Enhancement Cell, took up the initiative to provide valuable Qur’an Classes throughout Ramadan for students from all campuses. Every Monday to Thursday, our hard-working Qur’an teachers held live sessions, covering topics such as Qur’anic Reading Skills, Stories of the Prophets, and The Importance of Laylat-al-Qadr.

Pre-Primary Online Week

Along with providing our youngest students with Vacation Activities to keep them happy and engaged, the HHS Pre-Primary Department worked hard to hold the Pre-Primary Online Week. In this week, various classes were held for students of each campus. Students and parents had the chance to enjoy English and Urdu Storytelling, Numbers, Art, and Creative Writing!

This week was a week filled with learning, not only for students, but also for HHS teachers and staff, as they came away with valuable insight into setting up a timetable for online classes, and how best to combine technology with pedagogy.

Online Staff Professional Development

Although the school closure was deemed to be the annual vacation, the hardworking HHS teachers and staff did not miss the opportunity to continue to reflect, develop, and grow. Many teachers enrolled in online seminars, workshops, and courses. In house as well, HHS held workshops for Google Classroom, Zoom, and Learning Management System Training. Aside from technological workshops, heads and teachers used these online platforms to share their own learnings and academic best practices with their peers.

With every challenge, comes a chance to think, learn, and grow. It is our hope that our students and our school comes out of this difficult time even stronger and even better prepared to serve our community and our world. Our hope is to continue these initiatives in the coming months, even after school reopening. In a changing world, we must always remain flexible and aware of the technology available to us.

Keeping in mind the government’s recent announcement that schools will remain closed till July 15th, our team has used all its learning and experience from these vacation to set up a complete online schooling environment, so that our students will be able to resume their classes from June, as planned. The details of online school, and the end-of-term plan will be shared in a separate circular.

We would like to thank our parents for their valuable patience, support, and feedback. Together we shall help our children face any and all challenges that may come their way inshAllah!

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