International Kangaroo Science Contest 2018

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December 1, 2018

Happy Home School students participated in the International Kangaroo Science Contest 2018. Following were the winners of the contests:

HHS Society Campus- Primary Section


Medal Class – Name of student
Gold III – Tayyab M. Raffat
Bronze II – Anaya sheraz
II – M. Hammad Ahmed
II – Umar Padhiar
II – Syed M. Raffay
IV – M.Abdullah Ahmed
V – Ayesha Ahmed
3 Star II Ayan ur Rehman
II Barina Minal
II M. Kashif
III Haris Khursheed
2 Star II Rayan Jawed
III Eshal Nabeel
III Hoor Bano Amir
1 Star II Fatima Ali
II Fatima Nabeel



HHS Gulshan Campus- Primary Section


Medal Class – Name of student
Gold III- Areej Imran
Bronze II-Syed Muhammad Ahmed
II-Zainab Javaid
II-Tanzeel Aftab
II-Syeda Binte Zehra
IV-Maria Furqan
IV-Abdullah Siddiqui
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